The new DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper cuts completion time considerably

OWS is launching a new scraper designed to run in tandem with a drilling BHA and to withstand the rigors of drilling with the finesse of wellbore cleaning. The technology allows the well to be drilled, and then the casing to be scraped on the same run, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated trip.

New design

OWS’ Product Line Manager for Wellbore Clean-Up, Simon Leiper, supervised the design of the new tool.

- We had a clear vision to save time and reduce runs as well as take advantage of the rotation, reciprocation and circulation while cleaning the well. We needed to design a casing scraper that could withstand the rigors of the drilling environment while functioning the same way as a conventional scraper. Our main enemy was torque, in particular the trend towards higher strength drill pipe and connections. To overcome these challenges, we had to move towards a more robust design, leaving behind the traditional block style scraper pads that had become standard in industry, Simon explains.

The efforts resulted in the DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper. A 360° contact robust scraper tool with retracted scraper blades, which can be activated when desired through ball drop. It is designed to run in a switched-off mode while drilling open hole sections. When desired, the blades are activated to allow scraping of the casing.

Amazing performance

Simon and his team worked closely with the client to deliver a working prototype to be tested in real life application. Six months after concept description the first batch was ready to be field trailed. They ran the test on two identical wells in order to establish a comparison; one with conventional WBCU-string, and one with the new DrillRdillo™.

- The moment of truth was, of course, very exciting for all of us, Simon says.

- You can design, calculate, review, test and rework, but it is not until the tool runs in a real life well you can really know if it will work as expected. Looking back, we needn’t have been so nervous. After drilling to TD, the tool was pulled inside a 9 5/8" casing and activated as planned. The packer setting depth was thoroughly scraped, we jetted the BOP’s and the lower completion was then successfully installed. When we compared data with the offset well, we saw that the DrillRdillo reduced wellbore clean-up time by an impressive 16.5 hours by combining two operations in one trip, Simon explains.

Added benefits

- The performance of the DrillRdillo™ establishes new expectations in efficiency for wellbore clean-up tools, Simon says.

- OWS clients can depend on us to deliver a scraper robust enough to be deployed on a drilling BHA. The tool will mitigate lower completion failure and reduce the time from drilling to TD and running completion, a critical issue in well deliver. In todays market, a tool that reduce the overall clean-up costs is imperative to the operator who wants to deliver wells at the current oil price, says OWS' product Line manager for Well Bore Clean-Up, Simon Leiper.

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